Stax2 Extension API

Stax2 API is an extension to standard STAX, "STandard Api for Xml processing". It is implemented by XML parsers such as:

and used by tools such as:

API classes are in package org.codehaus.stax2.

This package (and its sub-packages) also contains partial Reference Implementation of many of API classes, under org.codehaus.stax2.ri: intention is to make it as painless as possible for Java Stax parser to implement full Stax2 support.

Project page

Project lives at github:


As of version 3.x (implemented by Woodstox versions 4.0 and above, and Aalto 1.0), API contains following areas of functionality:


Stax2 API JavaDocs are included in Woodstox JavaDocs documentation.


Stax2 API jars are available from Maven:


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