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Package types

Both binary and source code packages are available, and they come in following flavors:

(to access the source code repository, go to Woodstox Project page.

In addition to the core Woodstox packages, there are couple of additional packages available:

* For RelaxNG and W3C Schema validation, you will also need additional jars, because the functionality is implemented using Sun Multi-Schema Validator (MSV): optional since it is not required if NOT using these validation schemas.

Note: Stax2 interface is also used by StaxMate Stax helper library.


Woodstox is dual-licensed under 2 alternative Open Source/Free licenses: LGPL 2.1 and Apache License 2.0. (starting with Woodstox 2.0 release).

What this means is that one can choose either one of these licenses (for purposes of re-distributing Woodstox; usually by including it as one of jars another application or library uses) by downloading corresponding jar file, using it, and living happily everafter. With source code distribution licensing does not matter; except that it is good to know that by default Ant will build 2 distributions, one under each license.

Availability, Compatibility

Woodstox artifacts are available via Codehaus Maven repositories (maven 1.x and maven2).

Starting with Woodstox 4.0.0, jars are also complete OSGi bundles, allowing deployment on OSGi containers.

Stable Version (4.2.0)

This is the currently recommended version to use.

Previous stable versions



Even Older version

Earlier released versions are available from the Old Woodstox Download page.


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