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This home page tracks my public professional activities, outside confidential for-fee work at my current employer. This mostly consists of my Open Source development work. In addition it contains some material that I think might of interest for other software development professionals, like links to articles, references and so forth. Intention is not to act as my personal home page.

On-Going work

Here is on-going professional work I am doing or planning; with rough idea of timings.

Last updated: 25-Mar-2010

"Best Of" Lists

Here are my personal, incomplete, "Best Of" lists. As a general disclaimer, lists try to contain only things I am NOT directly involved in: which means, that, some very good Java libraries may not be included (if I wrote them, or am major contributor), and some very Interesting and Inspiring individuals may be excluded from lists as well. Reason is two-fold: first, my being more biased might reduce value of the lists; and second, there is nothing like appearance of brown-nosing to add awkwardness to one's professional relationships.

So here are lists I have so far collected.

Inspiring and Interesting Individuals (I3)

List started: March 2010

(note: as mentioned above, I have excluded people I commonly interact with, as a courtesy both them and myself -- so just because you are not listed does not mean you might not be an I3)

Here is a very incomplete list of people that I found unusually Interesting and Inspiring in some context. Ordering is temporal, from most recent discoveries (of I3-ness) to less recent.

Books That Made Me Think

(and hopefully have or will make you think, too)

List started: March 2010

Best-in-Show: Java Libraries that Rule


(note: as explained above, does not include libraries I have been building; for those, scroll further down)

Libraries here are in no particular order (for now?).

My Open Source Projects

(as in, projects I have made significant contributions to)

Since I am not listing projects I am personally closely involved with on "best of" lists (as explained above); here are things omitted:


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