Ever felt like processing XML efficiently is like trying to drive a car backwards through a traffic, with an unsynchronized stick shift? Us too. That's why StaxMate helper package was created: to "add Automatic Shifting for Streaming XML Processing".


StaxMate is a light-weight framework (delivered in a single light-weight jar!) that aims to

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Efficiency is achieved by starting with high performance Stax (JSR-173) XML processors such as Woodstox , Aalto or Sun SJSXP , and keeping additional overhead to minimum.

While efficiency is something StaxMate works hard to retain from underlying components, Convenience is the main thing that StaxMate adds: using "raw" Stax interface (check out javax.xml.stream API package for details) is not very convenient way to get things done. StaxMate changes this, and makes XML processing much simpler, more natural; both when reading and writing XML.

And finally, StaxMate does not sacrifice correctness to attain the primary goals: it strives to expose right methods for getting well-formed and valid XML to be produced; and accessed in ways that are compatible with the intent of relevant XML standards such as XML Namespaces. Although Stax processors also strive for correctness, there are additional safeguards that StaxMate uses to make it very hard to produce non-well-formed content. This is possible because of higher level of abstraction at StaxMate API level.

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