Smile Format: design goals

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Since there is no standard binary representation of JSON data model -- not even real proposals (closest thing is BSON, which despite its name, is NOT fully JSON compatible) -- Jackson JSON processor team decided to specify a format that is just that. Work started in 2010, and an initial version was completed by the same year, as well as first compliant parser and generator implementation, Jackson 1.6.

This document covers design rationale for the data format; format itself is explained on Smile Format specification page.

0. Background

One of opportunities for improving both space- and time efficiency of data transfer with JSON-based tools would be defining a binary format that has same logical information model -- similar to various binary XML efforts, compared to canonical textual XML -- and that could thereby be accessed through existing JSON APIs, offering equivalent set of functionality.

1. Goals

Design goals for the desired format are:

Non-goals include:

Guidelines derived from above:


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