Jackson Release: 1.7

(code name: Infinity-and-Beyond)

Version 1.7 was released January 6th, 2011, 4 months after 1.6

Major area to improve is the extensibility by 3rd party providers; by:

1.7 is technically a "minor" update over 1.6, since it will be backwards compatible (hence not a "major" version bump), but will introduce new features (hence not a "patch" release). External API should remain compatible, although internal (non-public) interfaces may be changed. However, compared to most other 1.x updates, there are more changes to "semi-private" interfaces; this may affect some advanced use cases.

Following is the list of functionality that has been implemented for this release.

Implemented features: major

Implemented features: minor

Features moved to sub-projects

Due to additional Module API and other extensibility features, it is now possible to "externalize" development of support for third-party data types. As a result, following feature requests are planned to be tackled via separate sub-projects (see Jackson Module Projects page for details):

Since implementation of modules (and other major extensions) is dependant on 1.7 release itself, plan is that these sub-projects can rapidly complete initial development and release first public versions shortly after 1.7 itself is released.

Planned features, postponed

Some significant features were considered for inclusion but were postponed for later versions. This includes:


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