Jackson Release: 1.6

(code name: Smiley Bean)

Jackson 1.6 was released on September 6th 2010, about 6 months after 1.5.

It is classified as a "minor" update over 1.5, since it will be mostly backwards compatible (hence not a "major" version bump), but will introduce new features (hence not a "patch" release).

This release had ambitious goals for extending functionality into new areas: both with respect to kinds of use cases supported (bean materialization, ability to update ("merge") existing objects), data types ("Smile" binary format) and third party libraries (parent/child relationship support for ORM. But additionally it significantly improved existing functionality, so that working with Java Enums is more convenient; support for generic types is even more powerful; and JSON Tree Model support is more convenient.

Following is the list of functionality that was implemented for this release.

Implemented features: major

Implemented features: minor

Planned but deferred features

Following features were considered for inclusion, but deferred due to time constraints


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