Jackson Release: 1.5 "Types R Us"

(but funny guys call me "Jackson Five"!)

Jackson 1.5 was released on March 14th 2010.

It is classified as a "minor" update over 1.4, since it will be mostly backwards compatible (hence not a "major" version bump), but will introduce new features (hence not a "patch" release).

Main focus of this release will is on implementing the number one user requested feature: Polymorphic type handling. That is, ability to embed exact type information in JSON, to allow for binding back to exact types, even if static type information does not indicate those types. This is important for some use cases, and especially with loosely typed Collections.

Following is the list of functionality that has been implemented for this release.

Implemented features

Implemented: major

Implemented: minor


Features that were considered, but postponed for following releases:


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