Jackson How-To: Custom Deserializers

Writing custom deserializes is easy: you just need to extend JsonDeserializer abstract class. It operates on Streaming API: reads JSON tokens, and produces a single Java object (of declared type).

Instead of directly starting with JsonDeserializer, it is common to sub-class com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.std.StdDeserializer (2.x) (or org.codehaus.jackson.map.deser.StdDeserializer for 1.x), which has commonly needed functionality that can simplify writing of custom deserializers.

Here are other things you need to be aware of.

Registering custom deserializers

With Jackson 1.7 and above

Jackson 1.7 added ability to register serializers and deserializes via Module interface.

The simplest way is to extend SimpleModule, add deserializer(s), and register module with ObjectMapper:

   1         ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
   2         SimpleModule testModule = new SimpleModule("MyModule", new Version(1, 0, 0, null))
   3             .addDeserializer(MyType.class, new MyTypeDeserializer());
   4         mapper.registerModule(testModule);

For more advanced handling of deserializers to types they handle, you may need to implement Module interface directly; this will give more control over exact matching logic. This may be necessary when dealing with generic types.

With Jackson 1.0 - 1.6

To be able to use custom deserializers, you first need to either create your own DeserializerFactory that can serve these serializers, or create an instance of CustomDeserializerFactory (and register deserializers with it). And then you need to configure ObjectMapper to use the factory. Here is one way to do this:

  ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
  CustomDeserializerFactory sf = new CustomDeserializerFactory();
  // provider owns factory, mapper uses provider (standard provider works for us)
  mapper.setDeserializerProvider(new StdDeserializerProvider(sf));
  // deserializers are mapped by declared type; always specific (no generic binding like with serialization)
  sf.addSpecificMapping(MyBean.class, new MyBeanDeserializer());

which would allow serialization of properties that have declared type of MyBean (or, when using polymorphic type information, properties that had actual type of MyBean, as indicated by embedded type information)

Writing custom deserializers

Basic rules for deserializers is that deserializer:


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