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Features, general

To learn more about how to configure Jackson, check out:

Usage Patterns

This mini-series from Cowtalk is useful for seeing bigger picture.

How to work with:

By functionality:

By (alternate) data format:

Features by Release

NOTE (28-Feb-2014): Starting with release 2.3, NEW release notes found from GitHub Jackson.

New functionality is being introduced with new releases, and sometimes it is useful to know what is the minimum version that has specific set of functionality you need; or to evaluate whether upgrade to a new version would make sense. To help with this, there are separate release pages for recent (and sometimes upcoming) Jackson releases:

HOW-TOs, samples

Here is some sample code, contributed by Jackson users on mailing lists. It is not intended to define official or canonical way of doing things, but showing possible alternatives -- and if you do end up finding better ways, or have incremental improvement suggestions, please let us know so we can update samples!

Term Glossary

Term Glossary contains list of commonly referred internal terms, such as names of often-used core classes.

Best Practices

Beyond core Jackson project and its deliverables, there are related external projects that can solve problems with third party libaries and data types, and even non-Java JVM languages or non-JSON data formats:


External docs


Jackson with frameworks:

Jackson with non-Java JVM languages:



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