NOTE: If using Jackson 2.x you will want to go to Jackson Annotations Project instead.

... but if you want to read more about Jackson 1.x annotations, this page covers it.

Jackson Core (Data-Binding) Annotations

Here is a brief outline of Jackson annotations that exist as of version 1.9 (with notes on 2.0).

Important note: Jackson 1.x and 2.x annotations live in different Java and Maven packages: see Jackson 2.0 for full explanation:

Annotations contained are mostly same, except where otherwise denoted (some only added in 2.0; others deprecated in 1.x, removed from 2.0)

Annotation class: meta annotations

Annotation class: general

Annotation class: Polymorphic type handling

Starting with version 1.5, Jackson allows fully configurable Polymorphic Type Handling, using following annotations:

Annotation class: Instance dependencies

Cyclic dependencies are tricky things to handle. Jackson offers some annotation-based support for handling them:

Annotation class: serialization

Jackson 1.0 also defined following legacy annotations

Annotation class: deserialization

Jackson 1.0 also defined following legacy annotations:

Regarding type-definining annotations: since annotations can not defined Generic type information, but formal declarations can, the actual type information will be a combination of the two: for example, if formal type is _List<String>_, and one of annotations above defines real class to be _ArrayList_, actual type used would be _ArrayList<String>_.

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